Web pages can be either static or dynamic. "Static" means unchanged or constant, while "dynamic" means changing or lively. Therefore, static Web pages contain the same pre built content each time the page is loaded, while the content of dynamic Web pages can be generated on-the-fly.

Standard HTML pages are static Web pages. They contain HTML code, which defines the structure and content of the Web page. Each time an HTML page is loaded, it looks the same. The only way the content of an HTML page will change is if the Web developer updates and publishes the file.

Other types of Web pages, such as PHP, ASPX, and JSP pages are dynamic Web pages. These pages contain "server-side" code, which allows the server to generate unique content each time the page is loaded. For example, the server may display the current time and date on the Web page. It may also output a unique response based on a Web form the user filled out.

Mostly dynamic pages use server-side code to access database information, which enables the page's content to be generated from information stored in the database. Websites that generate Web pages from database information are often called database-driven websites.

Features of Static & Dynamic Website

Symmetrical Design

Websites designed with BS Teknology are now mobile responsive, so that as you adjust the screen and view them on different devices they look great! The content is only entered once.

User friendly

Easier for subscribers to read on both desktops and mobile devices, Text, images, and buttons automatically adjust to fit and Content is easy to access with both a mouse and a touch screen.

Highly Secure

BS Teknology provide secure website with SSL installation for all websites irrespective of its business domain and size

Search Engine friendly

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99.9% Uptime

BS Teknology network is fully redundant and has a very efficient firewall that guarantees 99.9% secure server environment.


BS Teknology permits you to instantly extend and compact your web page based upon your sites changing needs.